The Sound!Start Phonics for Letters and Sounds programme is currently being piloted in a small number of schools in the Midlands area and we are delighted with the feedback we have received so far …

COVID Recovery

The combination of a mastery approach to class teaching and the specific well-designed intervention activities has really supported our COVID recovery enabling us to close gaps systematically and get our children quickly back on track.

Core Teaching Activities

The repetition within the planning enabled us to master effective and consistent delivery very quickly. The focus is now fully on the children and we are able to spot and address any errors / gaps in learning straight away.

Ongoing Training (Development Days)

Our Development Days have been invaluable in increasing staff confidence and expertise and ensuring we stay on track as we implement the programme.

Attainment Tracker Software

The Attainment Tracker allows me as Phonics Lead to see where needs are in school and which interventions need to take place. It also allows me to identify areas where further CPD / coaching is needed to ensure effective implementation of the programme.

Clear Structure

The programme offers a clear structure which is useful for the children and teachers. Each lesson has a clearly defined focus which reduces the cognitive load and increases the time spent on teaching and practising reading and spelling. The reading-to-spelling cycle ensures the children have lots of opportunities to master new skills before moving on.

A Clear Progression

The programme offers a well thought through teaching sequence. The progress our children have made in such a short space of time is incredible.

Enthusiasm for Phonics

We have seen an increase in confidence in our teachers and TAs. All staff enjoy teaching phonics and this is passed on to the children. Teachers are keen to teach phonics each day because of the success the children are experiencing and the progress they are making.


The teaching activities have been easy to break down for delivery in 1-1 and small group contexts in our inclusion base. As a result, 40% of our children are now accessing some mainstream teaching in school.

Building Expertise

The “EEP” videos have been brilliant in supporting me to deliver training for both teachers and TAs as part of our ongoing CPD. As they are easily accessible, staff have also found them incredibly useful to review alongside the planning materials.